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  • What If?

Sometimes what seems like the end is actually the beginning. The first Easter found the disciples of Jesus discouraged, defeated, and convinced it was over. It seemed like an empty dream. If you’ve ever found yourself in that place, you need the message of Easter. When it feels like things are over, and even dead, they might be just beginning. Join us as we ask “What If?” and discover the power behind that simple question.


  • What If? - Easter Sunday

    No matter who we are, we all have played the "What If" game in our lives. Playing "What If" can drive or direct our lives, but can also discourage life. The length of the "What If" game can last a lifetime or can be played out in 15 minutes. It can be the focus of our lives, revealing what captivates us, or it can be played in the margin of life, the edges of life. When the "What If" game is connected to Easter, the stakes go way up. Let's be completely transparent, the elephant in the room with huge implications is, "What If the empty tomb, what we gather to celebrate this Easter, never really happened?"

    Join us this Easter, bring some friends and family, as we wrestle with "What If?" Is Easter just a nice story or a real event in history? And what do we do with our answer?