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Online Giving

Thank you for giving to the Lord through your contributions to SCC. You help us make a difference in the lives of people in our community and around the world.


There are three ways to give to SCC: at a Sunday service, by mail, or online.

While you are at a Sunday service, you can drop your offering in one of the boxes found throughout the building.

You may also mail a check to our office: 5738 Route 96, Romulus, NY 14541

There are different options available for secure online giving, whether you give a one-time gift or set up recurring weekly or monthly giving. 

1 - Debit or Credit card: When using this option, the company processing the transaction charges the church a fee and withholds a percentage (currently 2.75%) of what you have contributed. This happens each time you use your credit/debit card anywhere.

2 - Directly from your bank account: Setting up your giving with this option, whether from your checking or savings account and without using your debit card, does not charge the church any fees and SCC receives the total amount you intended to give.

Feel free to use whichever option is best for you! We wanted to make you aware of the options available and the charges associated with some of them.

Again, we are grateful for your worship expressed through your generosity and sacrificial giving. We are blessed to have such a giving church family.

Prepare to hear something radical: Giving is actually one of the greatest joys that comes with following Jesus.
By giving to SCC, you are allowing God’s church to make an impact on people –wherever they are in their spiritual journey. On top of that, your giving is an act of worship! Giving is a way to express your gratitude for God’s provision as well as your trust in His continued care. Giving back to God is a proclamation of thankfulness, recognizing that Christ gave the ultimate gift by dying on the cross. Your giving provides the means for Christ’s mission to make more and better disciples. While giving generously is a sacrifice, it is also a joy that will create change here on earth – in addition to making an eternal impact (2 Corinthians 9:6–15)! We want to thank you for believing in the vision and ministry of SCC and supporting us as we spread the love of Jesus.


When we talk about giving, there is one feeling you will never experience—guilt. There’s no room for guilt in a heart that’s grateful and alive in Christ. We encourage giving as an important part of growing your faith—just like reading the Bible, developing your prayer life, joining a community group, and volunteering. When done with a joyful, humble heart, giving radically shifts your thinking. You no longer feel a sense of burden or deprivation, and become awake to the amazing privilege of making a difference in people’s lives.



On the Christian journey to generosity, you started by giving… well, nothing. When the offering plate came by, you passed it along. But then a time came when you decided to give—maybe hesitantly or reluctantly. Still, the spark of a generous spirit was lit with your first gift.
The Holy Spirit fans that spark with each financial gift you make from that point on. If this is where you are on your journey – the very first stage of giving – we’re so thankful for your gifts. And we want to encourage you: don’t settle for half-hearted giving. On the road to generosity, we learn that giving isn’t about “how much,” but about “how willing.” How willing are you to let God open your heart to the joy of generous giving?


The journey to generosity includes a stop at the intersection of giving and tithing. Tithing is one of those “church words” that is often used but rarely explained. The word tithe is translated from the Hebrew word maaser and it hails all the way back to the first book of the Bible. Its basic meaning is “tenth, tenth part, or payment of tenth part.” Tithing is the discipline and act of worship by giving 10% of your income to the Lord. It is done to honor God’s provision for us and to remind us that He is the ultimate giver (Leviticus 27:30). Tithing is commanded by God, not just a suggestion or a thing that some people did (Malachi 3:8–10). While tithing isn’t talked about as much in the New Testament, Jesus does affirm it when it’s done with the proper motivation (Matthew 23:23).
Giving 10% of your income can seem like a significant contribution, and we recognize that – it is a major decision to make. If tithing is a new part of your journey to generosity, it will require sacrifice and prayerful planning on how to spend your income. And, as you grow in giving and tithing, remember not to fall into the trap of thinking that tithing means 10% belongs to God and 90% is belongs to you. This is a legalistic approach to giving that excludes the joy of contributing to God’s kingdom. When done with a willing heart, tithing is a wonderful way to honor God with your financial gifts rather than a routine sacrifice.


The New Testament speaks less about tithing because there’s a greater emphasis on generosity as a whole. Jesus and those in the early church went beyond giving a set amount (tithing) to living with a generous spirit—sometimes giving everything they had for the sake of building Christ’s church (Acts 2:44–45)! The early believers’ lives were so dramatically changed by Christ’s sacrificial love that they responded by generously giving all they could to encourage fellow Christians. That kind of generosity helped spread the Good News to the unconvinced day by day, and that work continues today. Amazing things happen when you give generously—your heart aligns with God’s spirit of generosity, the hidden power of greed and materialism is broken, financial gifts fuel ministries that share the Good News, and a giving spirit encourages others to be generous. Above all, it is the hope and prayer of SCC that God is glorified in all we give (2 Corinthians 9:6–15).


It is a great responsibility to steward your gifts in a God-honoring, financially responsible way. In order to respect your conscientious giving, we do everything possible to properly manage the financial resources that God and you have entrusted to us. That includes weekly protocols and strict standards to record all donations. Our financial records are also overseen by our treasurer, who works alongside a local CPA. You receive year-end statements that confirm your gifts were received and accounted for. When you give back to God through SCC, you can trust that your money is being handled responsibly.