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She had every reason to be insecure. Her past was shameful. But in a moment of crisis, she revealed herself to be the bravest person in her city. Her actions resulted in a history altering victory for God’s people. She was just a sinful foreigner, but she would go on to be part of the lineage of Jesus and be included in the Hall of Faith. Her story proves that anyone can become a hero!

Join us as Justin Bleuer from Berean Bible Church continues our shared series with a message about this unlikely Faith Hero and what her story means for us today.

Past Messages

Faith Heroes: Walking the Hall of Faith

Most of us feel inadequate: "God can’t use me. I’m not good enough. I have too much baggage. I’m a failure." But what if God delights in using imperfect people to accomplish his perfect plan? In this shared message series with Berean Bible Church, we will walk the Hall of Faith and watch God turn unlikely people (just like us) into Faith Heroes.

Seven: Hear What Christ is Saying to You

In a culture that is increasingly hostile to Christianity and where many Christ followers are distracted, people often ask, “Is there really any value and/or relevancy to having a laser-focused and engaged faith?” Let’s be honest, resisting a life of distraction and/or indifference in order to passionately embrace the life God wants for us takes a lot of grit.

Yet, Jesus has a lot to say to us about days like these. He says it through one of His closest friends in a letter we call the Book of Revelation. Join us for this new series where you will find that Jesus’ words to seven churches are as relevant for today as they were in the first century.

I Want to Say Yes, But...

Everyone wants to make a difference with their one and only life. Everyone wants to leave a mark to signify that they not only lived, but that their life mattered. Most people realize that this means more than building wealth or achieving fame; it's about impacting the lives of other people and making the world a better place.

What is stopping us? Our lives are meant to be unleashed, so why do we keep them locked up and stored away? We can all admit, “I want to say yes, but…” Insecurities and excuses, perceived roadblocks and absence of vision… the list of “buts” can get long. Join us for our new series, “I Want to Say Yes, But…” as we examine the Bible’s challenge to get off our “buts” and begin making a difference in the world.

I Want to Believe, But...

Sometimes, we wonder why God didn't answer our prayers, why God allows suffering, or why we can't feel His presence. God may not meet all your expectations, but that's not bad news. Find out why in our new series: "I Want to Believe, But..."

What If?

Sometimes what seems like the end is actually the beginning. The first Easter found the disciples of Jesus discouraged, defeated, and convinced it was over. It seemed like an empty dream. If you’ve ever found yourself in that place, you need the message of Easter. When it feels like things are over, and even dead, they might be just beginning. Join us as we ask “What If?” and discover the power behind that simple question.


Join us for our new message series, ESTHER, as we discover that, just like in Esther’s story, God is closer than we see or think. His invisible hand is everywhere, even in 2022! 

Hope is Here

Before the first Christmas, many were looking with hope for the coming of the Messiah. Today, that Hope is here! We don’t have to wait for it any longer because it was realized in the birth of Jesus - the Hope of the world! Join us this Christmas season as we discover how we can experience a hope that touches our everyday lives. Hope really is Here!


People fall into two categories - either you love leftovers or you don't!  In our series, Leftovers, there are few messages that have been "sitting in the back of the fridge" and just need to be "eaten" before Christmas. We either ran out of time during a recent series or the meal (message) didn't fit the rest of what was being served. Don't miss out on the Leftovers we will be serving up during these four weeks!

This is Us

Here’s what we know – everyone has a family and every family has a story. Those stories shape who we are and how we interact with our world. THIS IS US is about finding God within the relationships that matter most to us. Family dynamics and friendships are messy and tough; we live that reality daily. But God has wisdom in the Bible that can help us do relationships well. So let’s listen in!

No Big Deal: Exposing our Respectable Sins

"It’s not a big deal. I’m not hurting anybody. Everybody’s doing it…" We have lots of excuses for our little sins, but what if they are actually a big deal to God? Join us as we examine sins that are a much bigger deal than we tend to admit — and the antidote that sets us free.