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Join us for VBS 2024!

Games, songs, food art, and more!

July 21-25 @ 6:30-8:20 pm

For all kids ages 4-12

Registration is now open! Request the size of your child's free t-shirt today!

Latest Message

We have all come across opportunities in life that seemed risky. Sometimes we take them and they go south. Sometimes they turn out great! Sometimes we hesitate and miss out

Join us as we look at 1 Samuel 24:1-22 (page 201 in an SCC chair rack Bible) and find out if David rushed, missed, or took a God-given faith-building opportunity.

Past Messages

The Seeking King

Everyone longs for a leader they can trust to give them prosperity, stability, and security. That’s what we hope for in every election, in our job, in our relationships, and in a crisis. It is also what people in the Old Testament longed for in a leader. However, no matter what leader they had, eventually they were disappointed. Even King David, a man after God's own heart, let everyone down. The silver lining in all of this is that when human leaders overpromise and underdeliver, they point to the perfect leader and king. Join us as we see how David's story points to a king who never disappoints in The Seeking King: A Man After God's Own Heart.


Join us as Josh DePasacreta, our new Associate Pastor, explores the theme of faithfulness in scripture, focusing on the faithfulness of God and what faithfulness means for a believer in Jesus.

Life Hacks

Join us for this new series based on Ephesians 5:20-6:10. We'll look at God's advice on how to be a better adult, kid, spouse, friend, date, parent, employer, employee... HUMAN.

Jesus Never Said That...

Jesus shared a lot of wisdom while He was here on Earth. And lately, He also seems to share a lot on Instagram, on printed mugs, and in those images your aunt posts on Facebook. But how much of it is true? Where’s the line between what He actually told us, and what Jesus never said? Join us this Easter for “Jesus Never Said That...” and find out what Jesus really said!

Remember the Titans

In 1971 Virginia, after leading his team to 15 winning seasons, football coach Bill Yoast was demoted and replaced by Herman Boone. These two men overcame their differences and turned a group of hostile young men into champions. Remember the Titans is based on a true story of how a town, torn apart by resentment, friction, and mistrust, comes together. 

 Almost 2000 years earlier, there was another group of Titans who lived in the city of Corinth. They had abilities, talent, money, and they had Christ, but their environment allowed them to use their new Christian faith as a vehicle to amplify their own self-centeredness. 

The apostle Paul, who pastored them, coached them, and had lived with them for 18 months, wrote to them. His hope was that they would become champions in reaching their city, and beyond, with the great news of Jesus Christ. We could learn a lot from these Titans of old and we might just find that, if we followed Coach Paul’s advice, we could be the best team and the best church that we could be! 


The Comparison Trap

A perfect relationship. A perfect family. A perfect career. When we see others who have what we want, our lives seem lacking. But you’ll never be content on the inside if you’re always looking at what other people have on the outside. Let’s talk about how to avoid The Comparison Trap.

Can't Touch This!

In our world today, there are many subjects it seems we can’t touch. Subjects that are taboo and have to be kept in the shadows, whispered about, or not talked about at all. That is just not true! They can be touched, they can be spoken of, in the light of God’s Word. Join us as we look at what culture may think can’t be touched. We are going to see not what society or even tradition has to say, but what God has to say. We will touch that, but with God’s touch, and we won’t be the same as we live out the Apostle Paul's God-inspired letter.

"I have the right to do anything," you say—but not everything is beneficial. "I have the right to do anything"—but not everything is constructive. 1 Corinthians 10:23 NIV