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Here’s what we know – everyone has a family and every family has a story. Those stories shape who we are and how we interact with our world. THIS IS US is about finding God within the relationships that matter most to us. Family dynamics and friendships are messy and tough; we live that reality daily. But God has wisdom in the Bible that can help us do relationships well. So let’s listen in!


This is Us - Part 1: Everyone

It may seem like a bold statement, especially to someone who is thinking about what being a Christ-follower means for themselves, but the starting point for healthy relationships really does begin with your understanding and connection with God. There comes a day for all of us when we see that our world can be a dry place and what looks like a lush oasis is actually a mirage.  Our response in those times makes all the difference.  David from the Older Testament comes to a place where he realizes that thirst can only be satisfied in God.  He writes: 

God, you are my God. I am searching so hard to find you. Body and soul, I thirst for you in this dry and weary land without water. Psalm 63:1 ERV

This is Us - Part 2: The Setup

No one likes feeling set up by someone. When it does happen, we often feel embarrassed that we fell for it. What about when we set ourselves up? Sometimes are walking ourselves into a setup and don't even realize it. This can be disastrous when it happens spiritually, especially when we don't understand the difference between a promise and a principle in the Bible. For example:  

A gentle answer turns away wrath... Proverbs 15:1 NIV 

When you expect this Proverb to be a promise, you can be hurt, discouraged, and even disillusioned with God when you give a gentle answer and it doesn't turn away wrath. If you take it as a principle, you'll normally expect a gentle answer to turn away wrath and you have a direction for difficult conversations, something to try in a heated moment.  

In this message, we will take a look at another spiritual principle that when taken as a promise can be spiritually dangerous.