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  • No Big Deal

"It’s not a big deal. I’m not hurting anybody. Everybody’s doing it…" We have lots of excuses for our little sins, but what if they are actually a big deal to God? Join us as we examine sins that are a much bigger deal than we tend to admit — and the antidote that sets us free.


No Big Deal: Exposing our Respectable Sins - Complaining

Complaining - something we all do. Life stinks sometimes, therefore we complain sometimes. It’s just part of life, right? But what if complaining is a bigger deal than we make it out to be? In this message, Rick Cramer from Berean Bible Church will put complaining under the microscope and reveal what it exposes in our hearts as well as the secret for turning it around.

No Big Deal: Exposing our Respectable Sins - Gossip

Most of us hate it when others do this respectable sin. But if we’re honest, sometimes doing it ourselves makes us feel good. We feel important, connected, and well-informed. It’s a small but damaging sin, and unless we understand it, we may not escape the fallout it creates. Join us as we learn about the power of this small but deadly sin, and how God has given us the power to rise above it to have healthier relationships.

No Big Deal: Exposing our Respectable Sins - Worldliness

In this message, we tackle another issue that may not seem like a big deal, but actually is: worldliness

It's not always easy to spot the Jesus followers in our culture today. When we compare the values of our culture with the values of Jesus, it becomes clear why that's a problem. Followers of Jesus should stand out - and not always for the reasons why we sometimes DO stand out.