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  • Making Change

Anticipating a brighter tomorrow starts by Making Change today.


Making Change - Part 2: Stress is Bad

Last week we talked about how Less Is More and came face to face with the value: It feels like more is always better and what you don’t have is what you need. The question (or should I say battle) is, how do we step away from that value? When we don't step away from that we often decide ourselves into unnecessary stress. In part two, Stress Is Bad, we unpack how to walk away from the stress that's bad and look at where it can come from

Making Change - Part 3b: Giving is Good

Giving can be good, but sometimes it feels more guilt-driven than relationship-driven which makes giving bad. Giving, being generous, can seem like it is something we do because we are making payments on a debt to God that we can never pay off.  

According to Jesus, Giving being Good is more for our good.  John Ortberg says it this way: 

[Giving] was never meant to be a way to "pay our debt to God." It has always been a training exercise to cultivate a generous and God-centered heart. 

We will unpack the idea of giving for our good as we dive into Making Change (part 3b) and anticipate a brighter tomorrow!