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Join us for our annual Game Dinner!

Saturday, September 23 - Doors open at 4:30 pm
$15 donation per dinner ticket (includes door prize tickets)
To purchase, contact Jason Gauss at (585) 202-3717
more info at
  • Seeking

Everyone longs for a leader they can trust to give them prosperity, stability, and security. We might call them a “knight in shining armor” or, it may sound corny, even a hero. Yet, that’s what we hope for in every election, in our job, in our relationships, in a crisis - you get the idea.

It is also what the people way back in the Old Testament longed for in a leader. Yet, no matter what leader they had, eventually they were disappointed. Even King David, who was the best king they could have hoped for, let everyone down. The silver lining in all of this is that when human leaders overpromise and underdeliver, they point to the perfect leader and king. In our new series Seeking, we will renew a hope for a future king. In each story, mainly based in 1&2 Samuel, we will see a king that never disappoints