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  • Seeking

Everyone longs for a leader they can trust to give them prosperity, stability, and security. We might call them a “knight in shining armor” or, it may sound corny, even a hero. Yet, that’s what we hope for in every election, in our job, in our relationships, in a crisis - you get the idea.

It is also what the people way back in the Old Testament longed for in a leader. Yet, no matter what leader they had, eventually they were disappointed. Even King David, who was the best king they could have hoped for, let everyone down. The silver lining in all of this is that when human leaders overpromise and underdeliver, they point to the perfect leader and king. In our new series Seeking, we will renew a hope for a future king. In each story, mainly based in 1&2 Samuel, we will see a king that never disappoints


  • Seeking - Part 1: Helpless and Hopeless

    As we begin our series Seeking: Hope for a Future King, we will talk about how whatever we seek for stability, satisfaction, and joy is our king. However, placing this hope in flawed kings results in helplessness and hopelessness. Join us as we discover how seeking the flawless King can open the door to godly happiness in our lives!

  • Seeking - Part 1B: Helpless and Hopeless

    It can feel like it is impossible to come back from being crushed in our soul - when there doesn’t seem to be answers for our hurt, when there seems to be nothing that could make us feel better. When we read 1 Samuel 1:10, we can almost feel the helplessness and hopelessness of Hannah.   
    Crushed in soul, Hannah prayed to God and cried and cried—inconsolably. 
    1 Samuel 1:10 MSG
    Why? Because most of us have been there and some of us are still there. A few us may not want to talk about it or even think about it - we want to live as if we will never be there. Hannah, whose name is tied to the idea of God’s favor, lived inconsolably crushed for quite some time. Join us this Sunday to find out how she survived and what we can do the next time we find ourselves in a similar place. I really don’t want to say it, but there is a day coming in all of our lives when we will have to deal with being inconsolably crushed in spirit. Let’s let Hannah’s life speak to ours as we continue with our new series: Seeking: Hope for the Future King - Part 1B: Helpless and Hopeless.

  • Seeking - Part 2: Sleeping In

    Who doesn't love the idea of having a morning where you can sleep in? Nothing to do but sleep. It is especially great on a cold, rainy, and snowy morning. But what happens to this concept when "sleeping in" is code for not being engaged? In our next installment of Seeking, we find an environment where everyone is sleeping except one boy. His lack of sleeping in is used by God to change the direction of a nation and actually world history. What if our lack of sleeping in could affect some life change in our lives and the lives of those around us? It might not change the world, but I can guarantee, it can change your world!