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Dive into your Very Best Summer and join us at our annual VBS event!

JULY 10-14 @ 6:20-8:20 PM*


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  • Margin

Explore what it means to live with margin and make room for life!


  • Margin - Part 1: Why?

    Sometimes it seems like the only way to keep up with all the demands on our lives is to run at maximum capacity and then some. Yet, our "take it to the limit" world leaves us full and empty all at the same time. Here's the good news: God never intended for life to be that way! There is another way, one where we have room to breathe and space to respond to what life brings us. During our 6-part summer series you’ll get the chance to explore what it means to live with MARGIN and make room for life - the real important stuff!

  • Margin - Part 2: Driven

    It’s a common complaint: “I’m overloaded, I just can’t catch up, and I need a break.” Compared to years ago, we now sleep much less and work longer every week. We are chronically rushed, late, and exhausted. God tells us that we need more margin in our lives, more space between our load and our limits, so we can enjoy life more and reduce physical, spiritual, emotional, and financial pressures.  Join us for as we continue to unpack what it looks like to make room for life!

  • Margin - Part 3: Better

    Many are familiar with the time Jesus had dinner with Martha and Mary.  Often the take away is that Martha was busy doing and Mary was enjoying being, being with Jesus.  Conclusion: we need to be more like Mary and less like Martha.  What if something else was going on?

    Listen as we unpack what it means for us that Martha creates an opportunity to be with Jesus (dinner), yet misses the opportunity as she doesn't choose better.  This experience is more about choosing than what personality type is more like Jesus.  Many of us will be relieved that this is the case and all of us will find out how to choose what is better!

  • Margin - Part 4: Empty

    Sometimes we need to lighten the loads in our lives. With too much load, we can easily “run out of gas” emotionally, spiritually, relationally, financially, mentally, or physically.

    For example, relationships can drain us and stress can create too much load; we need time for regular emotional and spiritual renewal. We often don’t allow enough time to refuel.

    Are you tired of being tired all the time? In part 4 of Margin we will discuss how to keep the gas tanks of our lives filled as we make room for life.

  • Margin - Part 5: Community

    In this message and the next, we wrap up our series "Margin: Making Room for Life." Our working definition is: Margin is the space between my load and my limits. Some of us will be really into talking about Part 5: Community, while others will be a little hesitant from a bad experience or feel it just isn't how they are wired. The reality is that a majority of Americans experience something called “crowded loneliness” when margin is absent.

    Yet, as Randy Frazee wrote in his book Making Room for Life, "If it is true that God designed us with a connection requirement then it would stand to reason that if someone were isolated from connection, it would have serious negative effects on his or her life." 

    Solomon explains it this way: By yourself you’re unprotected. With a friend you can face the worst. Can you round up a third? A three-stranded rope isn’t easily snapped. Ecclesiastes 4:12 MSG 

    As you join us for this message, you will be reminded of the power of community to shape our lives. You are one community away from changing the course of your life.

  • Margin - Part 6: Technology

    When did you get your first cell phone?  What kind was it?  What did it do for you?  For many of us, our cell phones have come a long way since that first one.  Somewhere along the way, those phones we went from just making calls to doing almost everything BUT making calls.  Subtly, they have taken over to the point where many of us get a little nervous if we leave the house without it.  That brings us to the question, "Do we use our phones (technology) or do they use us?"  "Have our devices become our vices?"  

    We could make the point, by experience, that if we are not intentional with technology, it will steal from us our margin physically, mentally, emotionally, relationally, and spiritually.  Margin will be subtlety eroded until your back is against the wall with no space between your load and your limit)!   

    Join us as we wrap up our series Margin: Making Room For Life with a hard conversation on technology. Don't worry we won't be asking you to go back to a flip phone, but we will all hopefully come away with some practical steps that keep technology from robbing our Margin!