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Growth Process

Interested? Sign up with our online connect card or by contacting the church office (607.869.5404, We'll pair you up with a mentor or small group and you'll start exploring topics that will help you grow your faith!

    • The Growth Process at SCC

    Everyone has a next step when it comes to faith. The Growth Process at SCC is designed to equip you with tools that will further develop your faith and move you forward in your journey of following Jesus.

    • Follow

    Through participating in the first step of the growth process (Follow), you will get answers to some basic questions about Christianity and following Jesus, learn how to be a growing follower of Jesus, and grow your faith with the tools and information gained through the study.

    • Share

    After completing the first step of the growth process (Follow), participants are welcome to continue to the second step (Share). In this study, you will gain the tools and knowledge to share your faith with anyone, learn how to be a witness with the confidence and desire to reach the people around you with the gospel, and gain the tools needed to carry out the mission Jesus gave to his followers: make disciples!