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Join us at Awana Kids' Club, Thursdays from 6:20-8:00 pm, for kids from age 3 to grade 6.

  • Esther

Join us for our new message series, ESTHER, as we discover that, just like in Esther’s story, God is closer than we see or think. His invisible hand is everywhere, even in 2022! 


  • Esther - Part 1: Where is God?

    Everyone loves a good story. That is why Americans fork over tens of millions of dollars each weekend at the movies. Most of us would say that good stories need to include some combination of impending tragedy, beautiful people, hopes of romance, a villain, and a happy ending. Typically, the absent element is the unseen providential God. Yet that is exactly the way the Bible tells the story of Esther. God’s name is never mentioned. There is not a single prayer. Esther is the story of The Unseen Sovereign, which can also feel a lot like today.

  • Esther - Part 2: Beauty and the Beast

    What is one of your favorite children’s Bible stories? What made it a favorite? Dave used to love telling Noah’s Ark to his girls, complete with sound effects. But when you think about what is going on, it actually isn’t a nice bed time story. Daniel and the Lion’s Den is another one. We're not suggesting we don’t tell children Bible stories, but we do need to ask, "How can we avoid allowing the kid’s version of a Bible story lessen the impact of what is really an adult story?" In our next installment of Esther, The Unseen Sovereign: Beauty and the Beast, we will be reading Esther 2:1-18 and thinking about the adult implications and what they mean for our lives.

  • Esther - Part 3: Secret Service

    Join us as we continue our series, Esther: The Unseen Sovereign, with the third installment - Secret Service. We will continue to develop last week's bottom line, "Crooked sticks in the hand of God make straight lines," talking about how we each need to overcome our heart's true nature and live out our faith by doing the right thing whether we have an audience of many or an audience of one.

  • Esther - Part 4A: Canceled

    In today's world, the phrase "Cancel Culture" produces a visceral response for many of us. This week, with Esther chapter 3 as our background, we are going to talk about "Cancel Culture." We are even going to look back into the not too distant past to see how Christians may have had a part in creating it. Sunday looks to be a challenging, uncomfortable, but also an encouraging time in the story of Esther. Our stories are much closer than we often realize. So please join us in person or online as we continue our series, Esther: The Unseen Sovereign, with our fourth installment - Canceled. We just might find we have had a little bit of an attitude we have seen a lot in others - the attitude of "Cancellation for thee, but not for me." 

  • Esther - Part 4B: Canceled

    We have been riveted to the news this week as one country that seems to be lead by one man, a Haman-like character, has moved to cancel another nation and its leadership. We can't, or don't want to, imagine being in that place and are praying hard against the unnecessary bloodshed. As we continue to focus on chapter 3 of Esther this week, we can not help but feel that the frustration with what we see unfolding in Ukraine is similar to what we experience when reading about Esther's world. Last Sunday, we just touched the tip of the iceberg of what is referred to as Cancel Culture. Hope you will join us in person or online as we try to make sense of two real stories separated by 2,500 years. The nagging question we really don't want to put out there is, "Where is the Unseen Sovereign?" The more we can see Him between the lines in Esther, the easier it might be to see Him in 2022 on the large world stage and in our own smaller personal worlds.

  • Esther - Part 5: Making Progress

    As we mentioned at the beginning of our series about Esther, everyone loves a good story - so much so that Americans fork over tens of millions of dollars at the movies each weekend. Often, the most captivating movies include a famous line that gets quoted again and again. Here are some examples:

    "Frankly, my dear, I don't give a ..." Gone with the Wind (1939) 
    "I'm gonna make him an offer he can't refuse." The Godfather (1972)
    "Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore.” The Wizard of Oz (1939)
    "Here's looking at you, kid.” Casablanca (1942)
    "Go ahead, make my day.” Sudden Impact (1983)
    “May the Force be with you.” Star Wars (1977) 
    “E.T. phone home” (1982)
    “You can’t handle the truth!” A Few Good Men (1992)
    “My precious” The Lord of the Rings: The Two towers (2002)
    “I feel the need-the need for speed!” Top Gun (1986)
    “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary!” Dead Poets Society (1989)

    What would you add to the list?

    Here are a few more:

    “Maybe you have been chosen to be the queen for such a time as this.”
    "And if I perish, I perish.” from the story of Esther (338+-BC)
    (There are few movies that include both of these lines.)

    Join us for this message as we unpack why those two lines are still relevant to the world we live in almost 2,500 years later. 

  • Esther - Part 6: Best Day Ever

    When was the last time you experienced a “Best Day Ever” moment? In this week's installment of Esther: The Unseen Sovereign, everyone is thinking they are experiencing a "Best Day Ever", but that really is the case for only one of them.  Actually, one of them is getting ready to have the "Worst Day Ever" his last day, but he is clueless.  

    Join us as we learn how to have more "Best Day Evers" and how to avoid having "Worst Day Evers." In all of this we need to remember the words of C.S. Lewis: "Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous."

  • Esther - Part 7: Sleepless in Susa

    What's the first thing you do when you are having trouble sleeping? I try not to get irritated. If I do, I will be up for a while. Just this past week, (sorry Cindy) one night after I had fallen asleep, Cindy dropped her phone or something (we haven't even talked about it - Cindy, when you see this, text me what it was and I do forgive you). The bang woke me right up. Immediately, I repeated silently "Don't get irritated" about 3-5 times and fortunately I drifted off to sleep. Most sleepless nights, the first thing that comes to mind is not that maybe God's providence is in play. Maybe He wants me awake for me to do something like pray.  

    You may be wondering, what does this have to do with this week's installment of Esther: The Unseen Sovereign? The title of the message is Sleepless in Susa and in this case, it wasn't a bump in the night that was keeping the King awake, it was God.  

    Join us as we see how something as ordinary as a sleepless night can be a part of God's plan to do something in our live and/or those around us. Even the most ordinary events are actually connected to God’s purpose.

  • Esther - Part 8: What a Difference a Day Makes

    "What a difference a day makes!" is usually said in connection to a surprise. That surprise can be good or not so good. In this message, we are going to see that phrase in action. It is unbelievably good for Esther and her people and unbelievably bad for Haman (Hey, I heard you hiss!). The real question we all want answered is, "How can it be good for us, instead of bad for us?"

    Well, you will need to join us to find out! How is that for a teaser? If you want to be a little more prepared for this week's message, read Esther 6:14-7:10.

  • Esther - Part 9: Whatever?

    Most of us have a TV series that we were disappointed to see end. It can even be more disappointing when the series ends with a lot of loose ends. In Esther and the Unseen Sovereign we are one installment away from wrapping up our series.  At first glance it seems like everything has been wrapped up with Haman's demise. Yet, there still is that nasty edict that will spell disaster for everyone except Esther and Mordecai if not resolved.  Tune-in, in person or on line, as the loose ends are tied up and we find out what that means for us today

  • Esther - Part 10: Uno-Reverse

    Join us for our last installment of Esther and the Unseen Sovereign: Uno-Reverse. The Reverse card can be the best thing or worst thing that can happen to you in a game of Uno. Find out how that can also be true in life